Understanding Meadow Green

Company Values & Principles

Since our founding we have strived to achieve the best customer service while providing superior value to customers. All work is performed at or above established industry standards. Our approach fosters a commitment to providing superior service and customer value. No payment is required until work is completed and the customer is satisfied. Meadow Green Tree Experts' success is driven by our customer. We continue to be successful if, and only if, our customers are satisfied with our work on their behalf. Our primary mission then is to provide the following assurances:

Our People

Meadow Green Tree Service Experts hires responsible, trustworthy, capable and well trained persons. We have a sense of ownership and know we perform best for our clients when:


Mutually beneficial relationships with customers, suppliers, educational institutions and the community are essential.

Code of Conduct

We want customers, and suppliers to understand that they can believe what we say and trust what we do.


We seek to meet all customer objectives without compromising tree health. Our job is to provide the client with accurate information upon which they can make informed decisions.


Quality is defined by the customer.

Technical Knowledge and Communication

Our success is based on technical leadership and clear communication.


We take pride in our work.

Edward and company: Our houses thank you, our trees, thank you, the wildlife thanks you! We're all very happy with the great work you did.     ~ Pam & Lisa ~

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