tree doctor

Tree Preservation

Saving trees can often be accomplished if the problem can be identified and mitigated. Most tree problems are abiotic, identified by imposed problems such as soil compaction, mechanical damage, lack of water, etc.

It is important to understand that elimination of these abiotic problems usually will return the tree to good health and that spraying is not often required.

Preservation can include fertilizing, cabling, and many other procedures to stabilize and benefit the tree, often allowing it to return to a static state.

Often trees are condemned by those who have no knowledge of tree biology, soil/water relationships and other important aspects of arboricultural knowledge.

Your best bet is not only to have an experienced certified arborist identify solutions, but also to have that same person, assisted by other certified arborists, do the actual hands on work.

We offer that complete service and the qualified personnel to do the work properly.