pruning tools

Tree Pruning

There is an established industry standard for this process that far exceeds how most would do the job. We do NOT use tree gaffes (spurs) to climb trees that require pruning, as they damage trees and leave the vascular area open to opportunistic infection, primarily fungal in nature.

If anyone needs spikes to climb a tree, they have no business doing tree work, as this lack of knowledge indicates individuals who probably have no knowledge of tree biology, which is required to prune properly.

Also if anyone claims to have "special" studies in this area, that is a lie, as the field of arboriculture has experts whose research and counsel is open domain information in the interests of the proper care of trees.

Only a certified arborist doing the hands on work, not sitting in an "on staff" location, is necessary to properly perform pruning with no damage to the tree. Meadow Green Tree Experts will prune your valuable trees using certified arborists only.