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Below is a list of the services Meadow Green Tree Experts provides.

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Meadow Green Tree Experts provides a unique typeset of services to the public. The owner/operator, certified by one professional and one government agency deals with the client from start to finish, giving an estimate, answering any questions, and if accepted, he himself assisted by another or more certified arborist completes the work to your objectives.

There is no room for any miscommunication as you deal with the man you first talked to in the process from start to finish. We are insured by WSIB, and by liability coverage of two million, with a clear record of no claims and in fact were given a premium reduction for zero accident frequency last year.

All hands on work then is done by experienced, certified arborists, fully insured, and to your satisfaction. We do not use tree spurs to access trees for trimming as they damage trees and leave wounds into the vascular area that can be entry points for disease.

We are not retired hydro workers, part time hackers, firemen, landscapers, or have any other vocation. We are dedicated to arboricultural profession, as certified and also experienced arborists. We have no arborists on staff, the workers are the certified arborists. We have no employees or workers with any criminal past and are up to date on the changes in the profession and new information that allows us to operate/apply all new facts to our work.

We do not recommend work that does not need being done, and while estimates are free, consultations carry a fee. Information that costs nothing is usually worth as much.

We offer competitive estimates but do not try to compete with operators who are uninsured, ill equipped, and lack knowledge. Free consultations are often funded by recommending work that is not necessary, presupposed on a lack of tree biology and knowledge needed to be competent.

The price we give is the maximum price we charge, for completing the work description. There are no surprises such as additonal costs for debris removal or any demands for an increase in the originally agreed upon cost factor, half way through the work.

While our prices can be lower then the competition, in cases where they are higher, there is a good reason for that. We use state of the art modern equipment, and are experienced certified arborists, with no criminal records, have full coverages, a clear operational record, and a high knowledge of trees, their processes, etc.

It is an eternal lesson and truth that no matter what it is, one gets what one pays for, and there is no application that figures into this more than tree work.

"Mr. Kennedy; ... how pleased we are with the efficient and excellent service you and your team provided...please feel free to add our name to your growing list of very satisfied customers..."     ~ Kay & Bill T.

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